What Is in a Name?

Day Two of Blogging 101: Zero to Hero, and my assignment is: “Edit your title and tagline”. This seems simple enough. Heck, this is not even a writing assignment. This will take no time.

Tick. Tock. Oh Gosh, where did the last hour…er two go?! If only things were always as simple as they seem. It is just a name. Truly anything will do. A name is after all what you make it, right? Yes, of course, but having a good name is nice. Other people have found great names, names that just scream, “Awesome!”. I want one of those names. So what sums me up?

Summing up a person, getting their essence, in a few words is terribly difficult. Especially when that person is me.

“In My Life,” was my first thought when  I was setting up my blog. My dear and late friend Jonette requested I use several Beetles song titles for different sections of a website my husband and I built for her years ago. This was one song she choose.  After much debating and brainstorming, I decided I should stick with my first idea. I had just settled on using, “In My Life I Love It All”, simply changing a line of the song to an active voice instead of a passive one. Since I am writing about all facets of my life, which includes a wide variety of things I love, it seemed like a nice fit. Maybe it is not the most original or personal title, but it was good enough. Perhaps I will use it for something someday.

Then in comes one of the loves of my life, my 21 month old Irish Wolfhound Ember. She joins me on the couch and lays in one of her favorite spots, with her head over my feet. I smile contently, like I always do when I look down at my loving companion. For me, there are few things as comforting as having a hound at my feet. Ah, that is it—inspiration at its best. Most of my writing, as most of my days, will be spent with a hound at my feet. Yes, this sums me up nicely.


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