Thought Investing

“A penny for your thoughts,” is a phrase still known by many, though it is obviously dated. What can you buy for a penny these days? Not much, if anything. Once upon a time, you could buy candy for a penny. Today a gum ball cost 25 cents. However, even with a 1950’s mindset of money this phrase does not give much value, monetarily, to sharing thoughts.

In today’s technological world with so many on the internet and social media, it seems appropriate that the value of shared opinions has decreased with the value of a penny to basically nothing. The world wide web is full of voices, opinions, and thoughts. People share their voice on many different platforms to specific audiences or even the general public, often for free. While the value of the masses is indeed low, some authors, coaches, singers, and celebrities manage to get paid to voice their thoughts. Some are paid moderately, while others are paid handsomely. So just how do you get more than “pennies” for your thoughts? How do you become someone others want to hear?

Back to that in a minute. Why am I talking about this anyway? Well, Day Three Blogging 101, “A Penny for Your Thoughts,” asks bloggers to, “write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.” There was no one post—just as there is often never only one thought—on mind when I began this blog. My goal for this blog is to create a habit of writing, to self explore, to inspire and drive myself, to find a focus (or foci) for my writing, to creatively express myself, and maybe to inspire others to do the same. Ultimately I know finding a focus or two for my writing will enable me to set a platform to launch myself into a position to be one of the prized few, paid to share what they love.

Ah, now that you know why I’m asking those question, let me answer them. To become someone others want to hear, you must start by offering your thoughts for free. To be paid for a skill, you must demonstrate your mastery of that skill. You must become an expert in a field they find interesting. So I am writing here today to begin honing my thought sharing skills. I am investing time in myself, in my education, and in the mastery of teaching. I am paying myself forward by investing today’s time and thoughts for a future reward.

What that reward will be only time can tell. Perhaps it will only be enough money to pay for my internet. Then again, it may become a full time income allowing me the freedom to use my time as I see fit. I guess that all depends on me now. A girl can, and must, dream big.


3 thoughts on “Thought Investing

  1. hey just visiting back, heck I didnt think 101 had even started yet, not until monday lol I have three posts to catch up on? lol…panics…great write ups by the way and welcome to the world of blogging you chose a great theme 🙂

    • Thank you, and no reason to panic! This is a previous 101 called Zero to Hero, confusing as it is to name a second series 101, I know. They started it back in April, and I’m working my way through it though not with a big group. I plan to still work on it some while I jump ship and join the group this time with 101 Building a Blogging Habit. I guess they are both beginner challenges with different focuses. (;

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