Seeking WIP, Must Love Dogs: Part One

Part One: Defining My Dream Reader

Day Six of Zero to Hero is a tough one for me. It calls for me to write to my dream reader. However, this blog is my catch all, let it be free, anything goes blog.  It’s where I plan to explore my many thoughts, passions, and interests. Where I hope to find some focus by being uninhibited and unfocused—crazy as that sounds, I know. Thus nailing down a specific audience seems like big feat.

Not to mention, every time I think or read “Dream reader” some scene from an 80’s movie cues up inside my head…the lights turn down low and the music begins:

“Ooh dream reader
I believe you can get me through the night.

Ooh dream reader
I believe we can reach the morning light.”

Okay, so it’s actually dream weaver, but tell that to my crazy brain. Some times even I do not agree with its connections. I guess any excuse to avoid my task will do.

Music break over and back to the task at hand, who do I want most to read my blog? I suppose if I go back to the reasons I started this blog, I see that I want to find other like-minded individuals to inspire, and who will inspire me. I consider myself a work in progress (WIP), so I want to speak to someone who feels like they are as well. Someone who wants to work on self improvement and be a more positive and active person. Someone who has a variety of interests, several overlapping mine.

If you could not tell by my blog title, I love my dogs. My love of dogs goes beyond my own hounds. Dogs are my biggest passion, and they have also been my career for most of my working life. I have been a dog trainer, doggie daycare manager, a groomer, a veterinary technician, and a puppy nanny. Of all my interests, this one is the most woven in my soul which means my dream reader must love dogs.

Now that I have an idea of my dream reader in mind, I must write a post to her. So to each dog loving wip, stay tuned!


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