Oh Look! A New Challenge

Today The Daily Post’s newest challenge Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit started. Since I only discovered their challenges last week, I am not yet finished with Zero to Hero. However, I would like to join the group this time to do the challenge live, as the challenges are posted daily. So I am jumping ship—I know shocking. I will still try to work my way through the Zero to Hero challenge at my own pace.

Day One‘s assignment is to, “Take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.”  I have set my timer, so here goes:

My husband Jesse and I recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I am not going to tell you it had all been roses. We have been through times when we could not stand one another, but we have always come back out the other side. Most of the time, we enjoy spending large portions of our time together. He is my best friend.

Oh the subject of jumping ships often, in the past year Jesse and I have come to understand and accept each other on a new level. After reading Dr. Edward Hallowell’s book, Driven to Distraction, we decided to finally see someone to see if we had ADHD. Jesse has been officially diagnosed, while I—in true ADHD form—have failed to follow up with my referrals after jumping through some hoops with my Primary Care Provider. I did see my clinic’s in house counselor for some preliminary testing, and she felt my symptoms warranted further investigation.  We strongly believe I have ADHD as well, though we know I may have some thing else with similar symptoms. Regardless of my pending official diagnosis, we now look at each other and ourselves differently. We have learned to not resent one another or ourselves for traits we know are out of our control. Reading Dr. Hallowell’s book opened our eyes to perceive one another in a new light. Much of the information in the book could be extrapolated to shed light on seeing others differently for a variety of issues, not just ADHD. Then there is a ton of specific ADHD information as well as stories of actual patients. I am very appreciative to the counselor who recommended Jesse read this book, and to Dr. Hallowell for the help this book has had on our lives. We are currently working our way through a follow up book by Dr. Hallowell, Delivered From Distraction, which I expect with further help our day to day lives.

If you think you have ADHD, or know you do, I highly recommend you read Driven to Distraction. Also, Jesse has started a blog to discuss ADHD called ADHD Avengers. He looks at this diagnosis not as a disease, but rather as a superpower you just must learn to harness. Feel free to join and build our group of Avengers.

This is on my mind tonight because we had a very ADHD kind of day. We did not do everything we planned to do; however, we did get a lot done. Some days it is just hard to rein us in. Today just happened to be one of those days for both of us, which always makes forgiving the other easier.


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