My name is Amber. But you can call me Amberoux (Amber-roo) or just Roux, if you’d like. I’m a true Southern woman—strong, proud, and stubborn. I say weird things like, “Y’all”, “Bless your heart”, and “Howdy”. I call strangers and friends alike, “Sugar”, “Sweetie”, and “Honey”, and frequently use “Sir” and “Ma’am”. I love food, and like a true Southern hostess if I invite you to my house, you can bet there will be more than your fill waiting for you. I like my tea sweet and my dessert sweeter; my food spicy and my life spicier!

Welcome to my blog.

Getting a sweet kiss from my Rhythm man Nov 2012. He was a lover. <3

Getting a sweet kiss from my Rhythm.

About My Blog:

This is my personal, anything goes blog. Topics may include: military life, adhd, marriage, dogs, self improvement, exercise, nutrition, book reviews, movie reviews, dogs, Irish wolfhounds, responsible dog ownership, dog breeding, entrepreneurship, business, online classes, teaching, learning, time management, recipes, music, photography, crafts, painting, graphic design, web design…whatever fancies me at the moment; the variety of things which encompass my varied interests, scattered thoughts and opinions; and some of my occurrences and experiences.

My goals for this blog are to create an outlet for me to: cultivate a habit of writing, encourage self exploration, organize the chaos in my head, stir my creativity, discovery a focus for my writing, express myself creatively, and maybe inspire others to do the same.

More About Me:

I was born and mostly raised in Southern Louisiana with a few years of Georgia thrown in the middle. My large catholic family included my parents, four sisters—three older and one younger—and various critters over the years. At home I was mostly introverted and became the quiet, reasonably good although clumsy kid. I prided myself on needing no help or direction from anyone. I learned early on that reading was a great escape into my own little world and spent many late nights reading with the light of my clock. I also spent a lot of time with our critters, the majority of which were dogs. They were members of our family and my best friends. School was easy for me, too easy in fact. I was frequently bored in class. This only gave me time to further my internal world and my imagination. My social life was not as easy. In high school I finally met my first lasting set of friends through band. They were smart and a bit different, just like me.

I met my husband at a summer program when I was fifteen, and we married in college when our five year friendship suddenly turned into something more. Eleven years into our marriage, and we are still best friends. He is a musician in the Army, a writer, a computer nerd, a traveler, a wander, and a dog lover. Having met so young, he has helped shape who I am today in so many ways as I have done the same for him. Before we married, he had a daughter. My step-daughter, Mackenzie, lives with her mom and step-dad, and we travel to visit as often as possible. She is beautiful, smart, and a joy to be around. We also have two beautiful giant puppies—Patience and Ember. They are Irish Wolfhounds and bring us so much joy.

My career has been a bit all over the place, just like me. Being a military family means moving where we are told every few years, and this makes finding good jobs that much harder. Many of my jobs have been pet professional or self-employed jobs. I am currently trying to discover my next career step, and plan to use this blog to help me on that journey.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Amber, as promised just popping over to your site. I have found the blogging community to be very helpful and supportive and I am sure you will find that yourself. When I go to other bloggers pages that are new to me I always look up the about to try and gauge the kind of person they are. If there is little here I am less likely to follow. Having read your posts to date, you have plenty of information to just cut and paste into here to complete this. That’s my top tip for the day. Have a great blogging adventure, MM 🍀

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mick! I definitely check out others About section before following as well, so that’s good advice.

      I see that one of the assignments in the coming days for my Blogging 101 is to work on the About section. So in a few more days, I’ll have that up. 😀

  2. Hi Amber, I nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogging Award!
    I hope you don’t mind. :3 If you’re not so into these stuff, you could just ignore it. I just would really like to show some appreciation for your awesome work.
    Much love. Dyanne x

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