A Glimpse of What Makes Me Happy

Posing by the springs in Mammoth Springs, AR. We often stop for pictures in this scenic park. :D

Ember posing by the springs in Mammoth Springs, AR. We often stop for pictures in this scenic park when traveling between Missouri and Arkansas.

Every morning I wake up greeted by my youngest baby Ember. She is an Irish Wolfhound who is currently 21 months old. She knows by now that “Mom” likes to sleep in. However, she is ready at the teeniest indication that I am waking up to help keep me awake. Sometimes that means plopping down on top of me with all 120+lbs to make sure I know she’s bored! She actually begins her day before I do. She wakes up with her dad, my husband Jesse, at whatever ungodly (at least to this night owl) hour he happily rises to start his day and head to his morning formation. He’s in the Army, you see. Though I guess not even the Army can make someone truly a morning person, which he is. Even on his days off he wakes up hours before me. He graciously lets Ember each morning, after which she climbs in bed with me taking over his side of the bed. I often don’t even notice the transfer. I go to sleep with my husband and wake up with my hound. I happily cuddle each while I can!


After finishing our first hike of 2014, Jesse and I pose for a quick selfie.

After finishing our first hike of 2014, Jesse and I pose for a quick selfie.

Once The Little One, as we often call Ember despite many peoples’ protests that she is anything but little—she IS the smallest wolfhound we have had thus far, is successful in waking me from my slumber, I spend my first several minutes loving on her. She is such a happy and joyous soul. Her youth and able body enables her to climb into bed with me each day and steal away coveted extra cuddle time that my older girl, currently days away from her tenth birthday, sadly can no longer steal. So after a few minutes with Ember, I find Patience, usually at the foot of our bed, and greet her with cuddles and scratching time. Patience truly is one of the greatest dogs. Wolfhounds are not notorious for being pleasers; however, Patience has always tried and succeeded in making us proud in every way. Once a morning pup, in her senior years she now sleeps in until start my day. My husband and I stopped fighting long ago the notion that we could compromise our natural biological and internal clocks for one another and live in some happy medium time zone regularly—do not get me wrong, there are the occasional compromises when I rise before the sun, or he stays up late enough to mostly sleep in with me or even cheat like he did this morning when he woke up for several hours before sneaking back in to bed for a nap which I would be none the wiser to if he had not told me. If I can not start each day waking up on a schedule natural to me next to my two legged friend, I can not think of a better way than with my best four legged friends.

Patience sleeping soundly on the couch, one of her favorite spots to be.

Patience sleeping soundly on the couch, one of her favorite spots to be.



Seeking WIP, Must Also Love Dogs: Part Two

(Zero to Hero Day Six assignment continued)

Part Two: The Calling

I am lucky enough to say that right now my days are my own. This in no way means that I am where I want to be yet. I want big things in my life, and I feel called to do more. While many things in my life are still being molded for the better, there are a few constants. One of these is my family—my husband, Jesse, and my hounds, Patience and Ember. My ideal day includes spending quality time with them as they are my greatest source of joy and laughter. My other constants are learning and self-improvement.

I am continuing to study and learn the habits of the successful. These habits include better management of my time, better care of my mind and body, striving for self-improvement, and many more. The habit of discipline is one that seems allusive to me. I resist taking direction from anyone, even my past self in the form of plans written yesterday to dictate today. I struggle with changing this daily. The habit of surrounding myself with the right people is one reason for this blog. I believe building up others and being a part of a community is vital for building up yourself. This is why I am seeking positive, uplifting people with views similar to my own to join me on a path of self-improvement. Together we can do more.

I can feel the next stage of my family’s life coming, something awesome. I do not know exactly what it is, but I know we are heading toward something great. Every year, every month, every week, and every day we are learning. Learning to view things differently, learning to cope differently, and learning to use what we already have differently. While maintaining this drive toward the future, I also whole-heartedly believe in enjoying the now. Everyday I learn to be more thankful for what I have while deepening my desire to accomplish my goals.

So hit that like button, leave a comment, and follow my blog. I will follow you back. I am not looking for quantity of followers, but quality. Be my accountability partner, and I can be yours.

Seeking WIP, Must Love Dogs: Part One

Part One: Defining My Dream Reader

Day Six of Zero to Hero is a tough one for me. It calls for me to write to my dream reader. However, this blog is my catch all, let it be free, anything goes blog.  It’s where I plan to explore my many thoughts, passions, and interests. Where I hope to find some focus by being uninhibited and unfocused—crazy as that sounds, I know. Thus nailing down a specific audience seems like big feat.

Not to mention, every time I think or read “Dream reader” some scene from an 80’s movie cues up inside my head…the lights turn down low and the music begins:

“Ooh dream reader
I believe you can get me through the night.

Ooh dream reader
I believe we can reach the morning light.”

Okay, so it’s actually dream weaver, but tell that to my crazy brain. Some times even I do not agree with its connections. I guess any excuse to avoid my task will do.

Music break over and back to the task at hand, who do I want most to read my blog? I suppose if I go back to the reasons I started this blog, I see that I want to find other like-minded individuals to inspire, and who will inspire me. I consider myself a work in progress (WIP), so I want to speak to someone who feels like they are as well. Someone who wants to work on self improvement and be a more positive and active person. Someone who has a variety of interests, several overlapping mine.

If you could not tell by my blog title, I love my dogs. My love of dogs goes beyond my own hounds. Dogs are my biggest passion, and they have also been my career for most of my working life. I have been a dog trainer, doggie daycare manager, a groomer, a veterinary technician, and a puppy nanny. Of all my interests, this one is the most woven in my soul which means my dream reader must love dogs.

Now that I have an idea of my dream reader in mind, I must write a post to her. So to each dog loving wip, stay tuned!